The First Wrong Turn

I called this blog a few wrong turns, because, I am always making wrong turns and I am literally always lost.Taking wrong turns doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually get to where you should be, it just might take a bit longer – it’s just the scenic route! In the end these wrong turns  become a great adventure and, often, a pretty hilarious story. Without getting too deep, I like to think this applies to my life as a whole. My entire life has been a messy series of trial-and-errors. Except for high school which was no trial and all error. Yet, somehow between then and now, I have managed to go to school on purpose for the past 7 and a half years. Something I (and, I’m sure many others) never thought that I would do. For years I was terrified of heights and I would avoid all things heights related because I told myself, “I don’t do heights”. Then one day, a friend and I decided to go rock climbing for some reason. – Understand, when we hang out, we pretty much just eat sushi and drink tea, or wine. And I don’t think we had ever done anything active with each other up to that point, so this was really random. I also used to have panic attacks when I was scared so this was also an incredibly stupid idea. – But through this I discovered one of my favourite things. And I can think of so many other times where I have been headed towards something that I thought I wanted and ended up in a place or situation where I never thought I would find myself. How many times have I had my whole path mapped out only to be detoured towards another direction. In fact, I can probably stand back from it and point out every “wrong turn” I have made in my life and then pointed out something awesome that came from it. My point is, sometimes a few wrong turns can take you somewhere better and help you learn something about yourself. Essentially, the wrong turns are the adventures.

– b

“The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude.” – Bob Bitchin


“Some who wander are lost” – b

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