10 Things you Realize When You are Planning a Big Trip for the First Time

Some of these tips are from Kevin, some of them are things that I just found out. Some of these may sound obvious, but I didn’t know, maybe other people don’t know.

1 . Some flights do not include baggage in your ticket price and need to be purchased separately. Skyscanner has made a list of baggage info to help with this.

2 . “Whatever you are packing, pack half of that. No, seriously. You might be thinking, “I’m not going to be a dirtbag and wear those jeans every day” buuuuut you are going to be a dirtbag and wear those jeans everyday.” – Kevin (a dirtbag who only brings one pair of jeans on trips <3). There are a lot of travel hacks that can help with your packing. If you are self conscious about wearing clothes multiple times during your trip, you can always find a laundromat or hand clean them.

3 . Things you don’t expect to be expensive, are sometimes very expensive!!! So, try not to go during peak times, some hostels will offer discounts during non-peak months. Also shop around for tickets and lodging. Sites like Skyscanner (can you tell I’m a real big fan?) will check through thousands of flights and show you the cheapest one. If you can be flexible with your dates, there is an option to check the cheapest month and then you can click on the calendar and the cheapest prices per day will show up.


4 . Depending on how long you are going, you are going to have to use your phone off Wi-Fi or buy a sim card. I have known people who have done both and it’s been totally fine. Besides, it might be nice to unplug while you are touring around. If you want to go the SIM card route, this page by Rick Steves is very helpful

5 . Some countries require visas just to visit. This might seem obvious too, but I didn’t know. I knew about working visas, I did not know this. Check if you need a visa to get into a country.

6 . You will need an outlet adapter for some countries. A universal adapter is probably the best bet if you don’t know which one you will need for your country – bring a power cord so that multiple things can be plugged into one adapter – if you are staying at a hostel, this will make you friends. (This is another Kevin tip).

7 . In some hotels in some Countries, if you are not married, your accommodation may be refused. I never knew this, and it blew my mind.

8 . Some countries have “dress codes”. And some countries just prefer modesty. Double check the fashion Dos and Don’ts before heading out.

9 . Some countries have very weird lawsYou should definitely be aware of the laws in the Country you are visiting, not only so that you don’t disobey them but also because some of them are funny.

10 . Most places accept major credit cards. But that can all add up to a big surprise when you get home if you weren’t paying attention to that conversion rate. Look up the conversion rate and the local currency of the place you are going. – Another tip by dirtbag Kevin ❤

Those are all of the things I could think of for now. If you are planning a big trip, I hope that helped you. We would love to hear things that you learned while planning your trips! Feel free to add to our list in the comment sections.


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  1. Vivek says:

    Nicely summed up 🙂

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    1. b says:

      Thank you!


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