Europe Bound: Planning My Biggest Adventure Yet

Hello friends and family!

We have some really exciting things ahead of us. And I can officially share them because the flights are booked!

Kev is heading to Zurich, Switzerland for 4 whole months to work on a very impressive final study for his thesis! And I will be heading out for one of those months to tag along (only I won’t be working 🙂 …sucker!!!). The plan is to head out there for 31 days starting February 1st and then doing some exploring around Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovenia. This is very exciting for me because it will be:

a. the longest I have ever been away from Canada!

b. the furthest I have ever been from Canada!

c. the first time I have been to Europe!

d. the first time I have ever left the continent!

I don’t know if any one else does this but I have started buying stuff specifically for this trip and Kevin keeps making fun of me. I just feel like Europe shouldn’t have to see me in my old clothes though… Is that so wrong? And check out this new suitcase that was only $99 (75% off) – they basically gave it to me..

Also, in preparation for this trip I have been learning German. Yes, I realize that, in Switzerland they speak a Swiss dialect of German, but the apps that I have come across don’t support that language and I figured this was better than nothing. I also realize that many people will be English speaking (as Kev keeps pointing out) but I just thought it would be pretty cool to learn a new language. I have downloaded 4 amazing language apps and I have been listening to Coffee time German podcasts for the past 87 days now (according to Duolingo).

If you have any travel advice, or itinerary suggestions, or you speak German, let me know in the comments. Maybe you can help me out with this!

– b

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